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Teachers' Day

A great teachers' day function was held in our  school.It was focused to appriciate the role of our teachers in our school.

The function was started at 8.30 a.m. The first event was bringing the teachers towards the school by school Western Music Band. After that, The main function was carried in school main hall. Appriciation of the teachers with "Bulath Hurulla", Entertainment items, Handding over the gifts to the teachers and some speeches by  the students and teachers were main activities in the function. After the main function‚ There was a smart tea-party which was organaiced by the school prefect board with the total countribution of all students in our school. The parents also participated to the function and the function was admired by them As well as, The retired teachers of our school were invited for this function.

The function was winded up at 1.00 p.m.

                  Starting the function.                                                         A teacher addresing.

                           An entertainment item.                                                      We are for teacher.

                     Head Prefect Speeching.                                                   "Bathi sithin"

                                  A group Song.                                                                    Tea-Party for teacher.

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